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This website is dedicated to providing you with all you need to know about the Malaysia My Second Home Program. Discover how to apply for the MM2H Program - the conditions, application process, required documents, time frame etc. and do contact us should you have any queries or even feedback about this website. We are an agent licensed by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia to handle applications for the Program and have been assisting foreigners live here since 2002.




The Malaysia My Second Home Program is regulated by the Malaysian government and is for foreigners to live in Malaysia under a 10-year renewable multiple entry visa.


You can migrate to Malaysia with your spouse and children who  are below 21 years old (unmarried). Your children can attend any reputable international schools and colleges in Malaysia. The spouse and children of the applicant will get the same class of visa and the same duration as the main applicant. Children who above 21 years old will have to submit a separate application as an adult.


There is no minimum compulsory number of days stay in Malaysia under this program. As an example you can stay here 365 days a year or just 1 day a year. There is also no limit to your number of entry or exits to or from Malaysia per year.


The are currently about 23,400 families that are staying in Malaysia under the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Program. They are generally from all over the world and specifically from countries like the United Kingdom, Japan, Iran, China, Bangladesh and South Korea. The 2nd Homers migrate to Malaysia for reasons such as a cheaper location to retire, children studying here, warmer climate, good personal security, good infrastructure, stable economy, well regulated investment environment etc. but whatever it is, I am sure like each of them you will be able to find your own reason to live here.



Participants of the MM2H Program can also invest in all common classes of assets in Malaysia i.e. property, shares of companies, bonds and fixed-deposits. They can also be owners of businesses such as being a director/shareholder of a company. Those that are above 50 years old can work for up to 20 hours a week in skilled positions. However one needs a further permission from the Immigration Department before he or she can work for 20 hours a week.


Your children will be able to study using their MM2H Visa (without applying for a specific student visa) at any of the reputable international schools in Malaysia. However they will need to use a student visa if they were to study at the university level.


There is no tax on money brought into Malaysia, however any income (such as income from house rental) made in Malaysia will be subjected to income tax. There is also no inheritance tax in Malaysia.


A participant of the MM2H Program is allowed to import a car tax-free as a personal belonging from his country of origin or purchase one here free of sales tax. This means you will get a car cheaper than a Malaysian.

In order to qualify for the tax exemptions, you would have to:

a) Import a car from your home country/last country of domicile within 6 months from the approval of the Program.

b) Buy a locally assembled car (including foreign brands) within a year from the approval of the Program.

We are able to further advise clients on car matters.

See car import process and pictures HERE.



You can buy properties in your own name in Malaysia. A MM2H participant is able to buy any number of properties that is above RM 500,000 per unit whereas a normal foreigner has to buy one that is above RM 1 million per unit (applicable in most states, however in Kuala Lumpur the minimum floor price is RM 1 million). You can buy properties to live in or to collect rental from.

There is a RPGT (Real Property Gains Tax) of 30% on profit if a property is sold within 1 to 5 years after purchase and 5% if sold from the 6th year on. This measure is to curb property speculation and to keep price appreciation stable.


Parents of the main applicant who are above 60 years can visit Malaysia on a 6 months renewable visitation visa.


You and your family members will be issued with a special Malaysia My Second Home identification card each, recognised by the Malaysian Police and Immigration Department (* The Immigration Dept has currently stopped issuing this card till further notice).




The "Malaysia My Second Home" or the "Malaysia My 2nd Home" or "MM2H" Programme is used interchangeably by different promoters but is the same thing.  In some countries it is also known as the "Malaysian long-stay" Program. Before 2001 it was known as the "Silver Hair Programme" where participants mainly chose to retire in Malaysia, but now its for all age groups.

A "licensed agent" such as us is also known as the "authorised agent" or "sponsor", who is licensed by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia for this purpose. Before 2006 we held a permit from the Immigration Department of Malaysia for this purpose.


































































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